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Restorative-Driven Implant Health - Dr. Wadhwani speaks for FOR

Dr. Wadhwani presents at the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation 2015 Symposium in Las Vegas, providing expert testimony backed by his research for understanding why the clinical selection of the healing abutment is so important for optimal healing in implant restorations.

The success of the dental implant is intimately related to how the soft tissues respond prior to, during, and after restoration. The restoring clinician is involved with all these aspects and must fully understand the consequences of his or her choices and actions. Soft-tissue healing is promoted by the healing abutment; correctly dealing with this will enhance the end result. Likewise poor decisions can compromise tissue healing. Choice of abutment material, restoration type, and understanding follow-up protocols are all essential requirements that the advanced restorative dentist must understand.

Chandur Wadhwani presents for Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation in Las Vegas, 2015 as an expert on implant health

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