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A Wealth of Clinical Information
"Over the past eleven years of our study club, we hosted a multitude of speakers of national caliber covering the topic of implant dentistry. Dr. Wadhwani can be described as an “out of the box” speaker. He stunned every attendee with a wealth of clinical information and unconventional research content on the subject of implant dentistry. His reviews were phenomenal, and we would love to have him again amongst us."

-Randa Farah

Comprehensive Dental Excellence Forum

Signposts for Clinical Success

There are truly few opportunities to hear an enthusiastic, well informed and research-based clinician. It is refreshing and energizing. The pearls of obvious enlightenment were inspiring... you have given us signposts for clinical success.

Dr. C Horning, D.D.S., P.S.C.

A True Asset to Our Profession

"You are a true asset to our profession. I just wanted to thank you again for the outstanding course you presented to my referral base. I received multiple emails, phone calls, and thank you notes afterwards, more so than any other speaker in recent memory that I have brought in for a day...... I'm sure your information has made us all better clinicians than we were prior to your lecture. I know it has for me."

-Dr. A

Periodontist, PA

A Bright Future For Dentistry

"Your presentation was very well received by both the residents and our faculty [at OHSU]. It is dedication like yours that inspires us all and will provide a bright future for dentistry."

-J. Katancik, DDS, Ph.D

Oregon Health & Science University

Making Dental Conferences Fun

"I do these events weekly so after a while, you think you've heard it all, seen it all... Dr. Wadhwani's lecture was one of the few I sat all the way through. I enjoyed hearing him speak - he had us laughing and we found it was actually FUN!"

-Sven Jesse

Our Best Course In 20 Years

"The reviews I received from the participants were truly the best of any course we’ve presented in the 20 years the club has been in existence. Your thoroughness, honesty, and method of delivery were tiptop. Just what they needed to hear!"

-Dr. Sean. Avera DDS, MSD

American Board of Periodontology

I Wish We Added More Seats!

"I have had Dr. Wadhwani speak 4 times at our study club and always enjoy hearing from him. This last time, we were technically at capacity but I wish we had added more seats!"

-Michael Shelley

Custom Dental Aesthetics

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