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Dr. Wadhwani is pleased to share supplemental material from recent lectures. Please check back for new updates. If you are searching for a specific document that is not listed, please email us at and we will be happy to assist.

Read Dr. Wadhwani's disclosure on dental implants and implant restorations.

 This article discusses three key stages of soft-tissue connection that should be considered when providing dental implant therapy: the healing stage, the restorative phase, and maintenance.

Verification of mechanical torque limiting devices is necessary but difficult. Read about an easy, in-office technique to verify a beam-type mechanical torque limiting device. 

This article describes an in vitro study that evaluated the effectiveness of various cement application techniques for cement-retained implant-supported fixed partial dentures.

This article describes a survey whose purpose was to determine the current prevalence of usage of various treatment modalities and materials for complete-arch fixed implant-supported prostheses.

This article describes a technique that utilizes computer-aided design and computer-aided manufactured parts used in abutments, placed before investing, that shield against airborne particle damage during devesting of the abutment-to-implant joint and the screw seat.

This article describes a study whose purpose was to determine the site and extent of contamination occurring on implant components following clinical impressions and laboratory procedures.

Read about which emerging trends clinicians should consider relating to screw and cement retained implant restorations. 

Learn how to make improvised masks at home during the N95 mask shortage using cheap, easy-to-find materials. 

This technique article describes the procedures for fabricating a tool that couples two dental torque limiting devices. It may be used for calibrating and validating both electrical and mechanical torque limiting devices.

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