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Dr. Wadhwani is pleased to share supplemental material from recent lectures. Please check back for new updates. If you are searching for a specific document that is not listed, please email us at and we will be happy to assist.

In this study, the effects of different surface treatments and cementation procedure combinations of titanium alloy are studied.

This study examines biopsy specimens obtained from soft tissues effected by peri-implant disease. 

This article examines the role of cement as it is used in specific and general cases, as well as the role of the clinician in assessing the success of cement for specific cases. 

Part two of the article linked above, regarding simple modeling systems that can aide in examining the role of cement. 

Read about identifying key abutment features and mechanical stability of the abutment under functional loads. 

Read about common issues with implant cementation and solutions found to solve these problems. 

This article describes a technique for treatment of maxillary molars to preserve the transverse ridge and maintain structural integrity. 

This publication details what problems can be present in routine implant procedures and common solutions for them. 

Read about guidance suggestions on how to prevent peri-implant disease. 

This investigation looks at whether the fit or microgap at the implant-abutment junction could be more accurately assessed with a novel radiograph paralleling device. 

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