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Dr. Wadhwani is pleased to share supplemental material from recent lectures. Please check back for new updates. If you are searching for a specific document that is not listed, please email us at and we will be happy to assist.

Dr. Wadhwani et al. developed a specific color reference scale described in this article relating to the voltage applied to titanium. 

This article investigates the cellular host response of bone cells and soft tissue cells to dental cements. 

Read about a technique involving covering the implant prosthesis screw hole. 

This article describes a technique for increasing the surface area of a titanium abutment with hydroflouric acid etching. 

Read about the limitations of IOR. 

Read about whether the practice of recycling dental implant healing abutments results in reuse of components that carry a degree of contamination even after sterilization. 

This study describes the relationship between osteoblasts and soft tissue cells to dental cements.

Read about the link established between peri-implant disease and excess cement extrusion in cement-retained implant restorations. 

This study considers the system effect of a crown, abutment, and cement flow under different conditions and comparing real physics models to virtual computer simulations. 

Determining the current prevalence of usage of various treatment modalities and materials for complete-arch fixed implant-supported prosthesis

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