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Dr Wadhwani is a very special dentist. I am 78 years old and he is easily the best dentist I have ever been to. I needed to replace 2 lower teeth. [Another] dentist said there was not enough bone to do crowns and recommended a 6 tooth bridge or implants. Dr Wadhwani said no problem and was able to do crowns. This was by far the best and least expensive solution. His staff are great and accommodating. A wonderful dentist all around!!!!

Brian R.

Dr. Wadhwani and his staff are AMAZING!!!  I love how I come in with teeth stained by too much coffee, and leave with all the stains completely GONE.  They spend extra time with my cleaning to make sure they get rid of every little piece of tartar, stain, plaque, and other yucky build-up.  They are very professional and also just really nice people.  It always impresses me that Dr. Wadhwani remembers personal details about my life.  I highly recommend this office.

Blair C.

The very best dentist I have been to in my 77 years! Very warm and friendly office staff. Dr. Wadhwani is very thoughtful, very interested in my overall health.

Sharon B.

I can not really put into words just how thrilled I am with my "new mouth"  thanks to Dr. Wadhwani and Dr. Trimble!  They worked hand in hand over a period of 2 years to totally reconstruct my mouth  and teeth and my biggest regret is that I didn't do it sooner.  April could not have been nicer and more accommodating as she managed to work between both doctors and the fact that I was out of town half of the year - and Jen became my new best friend as she stood by and helped so professionally and yet in the most friendly and comforting manner.  Dr Wadhwani is one of the top doctors in his field of prosthodontics and I was absolutely amazed at his expertise and precision, yet he never kept me waiting and treated me with the utmost respect and care.  I would recommend Dr Wadhwani and his staff to absolutely anyone. This has honestly been life changing for me.

D. Johnson

I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the fine dental treatment given to my late wife. Over the years, she had many negative experiences with dentists... she developed a true fear of the dental office. Yet she needed help. Fortunately, she found all that she was looking for and more while under your care. Not only did she find world-class treatment, but the congenial atmosphere of your clinic had a very calming effect. Her fears evaporated immediately as she had, at last, found a "dental home".

Coupled with professional expertise was the easy-going and friendly mannered in which it was delivered. She was able to bond with all the people in your clinic. She knew them by name and could give me a mini-profile update after each visit...

It is my opinion that the residing MD or DDS is the one who sets the tone for the entire team. Thank you Dr. Wadhwani for being the friendly, caring individual that you are. And thank you for selecting quality, personable staff members who strive to foster an environment whereby patients are viewed as friends. Your team is delivering professional dental care to an array of people who are viewed as their friends. In my view, that is a rare thing across the entire medical field.

Gordon F.

This dentist is just awesome. He really knows his stuff. He is conservative. Very cautious about recommending procedures. His staff are wonderful. We leave with the cleanest mouths we have experienced in our 70 years of going to dentists. My rate of cavities has declined from a high rate to nearly zero since coming here.

When we moved to the Seattle area, we bought our house from a high end retired dentist. He recommended Wadhwani to us and his wife goes to Dr. Wadhwani. We were reluctant to go to Dr. Wadhwani as we live in the south Seattle area, but we tried him and it is well worth the long drive on the 405 to get to his office. 

Elston H.

You are all genuinely kind and compassionate. The office is peaceful and everyone is so pleasant. I have always felt well cared for and wanted you to know that.

Kathleen D.

I thank Dr. Wadhwani for all that he has done for me. I have a beautiful smile and always receive compliments for the way my teeth look. No one knows I have implants (unless I tell them!) - they look like the real thing. Everyone in his office is so very nice. I love all of them. If you ever had a question about implants, never fear, Dr. Wadhwani is the best.

Melrene W.

In addition to his exceptional dental talent, Dr. Wadhwani is a very caring individual and has adjusted his schedule many times to accommodate my needs. He has gone above and beyond my expectations and I feel very fortunate to be in his care. 

Jennifer, Dr. Wadhwani’s assistant, is very sharp, very intuitive, and always ready to make me feel more relaxed and comfortable. Her sense of humor is great and just what you need when you are in the dental chair!

Patricia R.

My dentist [Dr. Wadhwani] is great. I love him. He is really good, very personable. I've been seeing him for five years. He knows exactly what he is doing. I do wear a denture and I've had nothing but problems with the one that I had before. And he remade one for me and it fits perfectly. It fits in with my natural teeth. I haven't had any problems at all. He takes care of my natural teeth very well. He is very righteous to make sure that I don't lose any more. The scheduling it great. We always schedule the appointments when I go in for an appointment. They always make the appointment when it is convenient for me in the early morning hours. Everyone that works there is just really nice. The office equipment is clean and up to date. I would highly recommend him. He is actually the best dentist in the local area.


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