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The 7 Rules of Successful Intraoral Radiography with Implants

Dr. Wadhwani was featured in UK-based magazine "Dentistry" as he outlines his seven rules for the successful use of IOR with implant-based restorations.

Radiography plays an integral role in the planning, surgical and restorative phases of dental implant therapy. It has also been used to follow the ‘health’ and measure long-term success of these medical devices. A well-made radiographic image can give lots of information about what is occurring, but as with any diagnostic tool, it is not without limitations. These should be clearly understood by the clinician so that information received can be properly acted upon.

To read his seven rules for proper use, click on the preview below to download the complete article.

Dentistry Magazine Features Dr. Wadhwani - Click the preview to read his article "Intraoral Radiography"

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