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The Team Approach to Managing Implant Complications

As cemented implant restorations have grown in popularity, so has the incidence of peri-implant disease. The association between implant restorations, cement, and this disease, however, re- mains somewhat unclear. This article examines factors that may contribute to peri-implant dis- ease, including biology, implant depth, restoration depth, and implant material properties, and considers potential causes of the disease involving residual cement. Dr. Wadhwani provides guidance on how to prevent this problem from occurring in his latest study, available for download.

Click the preview below to read the complete article: "Peri-implant Disease and Cemented Implant Restorations: A Multifactorial Etiology."

Peri-Implant Disease and Cemented Implant Restorations: A Multifactorial Etiology

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