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Global Institute for Dental Education features Dr. Wadhwani

The Global Institute for Dental Education features Dr. Wadhwani as Top Cosmetic Dentist. His lecture "Role of Cements in Dental Implant Restorations" is available to view on their website.

Restoring dental implants can be extremely challenging. It is imperative to understand available options related to crown retention, confirmation of fit of components and maintenance of implant restorations over time. The AAP, AAO, and the AARD have all stated that excess cement often leads to peri-implant disease and is considered a major risk factor for implant longevity. While many techniques and products have been developed specifically for cement-retained implant restorations, some are potentially detrimental to implants. Dentists are not always fully aware of the issues and implications of using inappropriate materials or methods. This presentation will explore the problems and challenges encountered by the restorative dentist, and to formulate clinical guidelines based on current research.

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