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NW Prosthodontics Donates Toothbrushes

NW Prosthodontics had the opportunity to work with Kingdom League International to provide toothbrushes to a small village in Eastern India. We donated 280 toothbrushes to the widows and orphans served by Jesus Christ Prayer House and to the pastor’s families that serve their community.

"We as Jesus Christ prayer House and India Prayer League heartfully thanking Brother Dr. Wadhwani and his team for blessing us with your gift. Every morning our believers and pastors remember you say praise God and bless Dr. Wadhwani. It is the thing we could do for your generosity. Thank you Doctor once again." --Nani Babu Nelli

Kingdom League International created this video for us on Facebook - click here to check it out!

NW Prosthodontics Toothbrush Donation

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